Academics - Facilities

A school does not consist of brick and mortar building only, but underlying ideology really builds a “school”. Proper facilities in a school campus assist in providing an environment conducive for building future super citizens.

We at Vindhyachal® Academy, strive to provide the best possible facilities to students. We define “best” in slightly different way from the prevailing norm.

ISO 9001:2000 teaches us to work under certain set guidelines and all design and development at Vindhyachal® Academy is done, keeping in mind following aspects.

Facilities should be adequate and utilized fully. They should not be underutilized.

Development of any student should not be compromised for lack of any facility

All facilities should be structurally very safe and pleasant.

Each and every paisa in the school budget should be used, keeping the betterment of our most important stakeholder, the student, in mind.