About Us - Activities

The school conducts a wide range of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities as an integral part of the school curriculum. While each activity is very important for all children, generally students are allowed to take part in a limited number of activities at a time. Regularly conducted activities are listed below:

Quality Objectives

  • Etiquettes and Manners
  • Road and Traffic Rules
  • House system to develop community feeling
  • Activities promoting hygiene
  • Most neat and clean student competition
  • Inter – house competition for the best maintenance of the school

Physical Education & Games

  • P.T. and Drill
  • Athletics including jumps, races, gymnastics etc.
  • Outdoor Games (e.g. Basket ball, Football, Kabbadi, Kho-Kho)
  • Indoor Games(e.g. Carom Board, Chess, Table Tennis)

House Activities

  • Daily activities
  • Tag board competitions
  • Maintaining discipline in the school
  • Promoting good conversational skills amongst students
  • Saturday house activities
  • Newspaper reading
  • Assembly activities