Acitivity - House Activities

House System The school is divided into four Houses named after four common colours i.e. Green, Saffron, Yellow and Blue. Each house is under the charge of a House Incharge and has its own House Captain who are responsible for the tone of discipline in that House. A number of competitions in sports, co-curricular and extracurricular activities are held on 'House' basis. "House" loyalties are very strong in students. The Principal's Shield is awarded to the best House each year, taking into account the achievements in academics, conduct, games and activities by the students belonging to that house.

The Primary objectives of the House system are as follows:

  1. To provide with a real social atmosphere where in people of all age-groups and various sections live together. Thus, the students learn to live in harmony with their juniors and seniors.
  2. To give adequate opportunity to children to discover themselves in terms of leadership qualities, latent talents, aims and ambitions.
  3. To provoke healthy competitive attitudes in all aspects of academic and para academic areas
  4. To evolve the relationship between the teacher and pupil outside the class room environment.


House Activities


  • Tag board competitions
  • Maintaining discipline in the school
  • Monthly duties allotted housewise
  • Newspaper reading
  • Assembly Activities
  • bal Sabha